The Perfection of the Astrology Readings

Astrology reading is rarely presented as an exact and reproducible science. Yet, without wishing to question the possibility of a real “gift”, it seemed to me that often more credits are given to predictions to the detriment of his free will.

It is because society is more and more disempowering that we sometimes have to reject our decisions on the advice and perceptions that are supposedly more “enlightened” by others.

If there is an area where manipulation is short, it is the realm of the “occult” and the “mystery” that one could describe as part of the public clairvoyance.

From a psychological point of view, there are several reasons for a person to consult.

  • curiosity, fun, taste for mysterious things
  • the need for listening, sympathy, taking into account his individuality, or even a narcissistic need
  • despair in the face of a stalled situation and the vital need to regain a glimmer of hope
  • hesitation before a choice of life (love, health, work, money)
  • the need to understand a delicate situation where one has the impression of being “lost”, to ignore important details in order to make sense of events
  • the desire to regain control over the course of his life course

These different needs to fill are the first interpretation grid of the psychic who will initially target the reason (s) of the consultation to better guide it.

On the other hand, the techniques of the Astrology Readings to simulate clairvoyance are multiple: they can guess details by means of verbal or nonverbal cues, e.g. the clothing style of a client; they can extract information from the consultants and give them back later without the clients being aware that they were the ones who gave the information; they can inquire in advance about their customers, through directories or other tips; they can rephrase the consultant’s speech by telling him exactly what he wants to hear; they can predict events with a very high probability of arriving; they can suggest the patient to push him to act in a sense that will realize the prediction (self-fulfilling predictions) … And of course, if a few bits of pure clairvoyance are inserted, the effect produced will be all the more convincing.

From there, we can distinguish different more or less conscious psychological processes which intervene on both sides during the consultations and which will make it possible to grant to them a credit more important than the normal one.

The “Barnum effect”

The information given by the seers is often vague and general that they can apply to everyone. This is the effect discovered in 1949 by a professor of psychology: having described a particular personality by the menu, each of his pupils thought he wanted to talk about him. The effect of “raven and fox”. The astrological information is generally positive. Everyone is individually ready to believe someone who describes us as intuitive, imaginative, sociable, adventurous, intelligent and sensitive.

The effect “CouĂ© method”

Have we ever seen a witness with suspicion? The desire to believe manifests itself in a thousand ways: the consulted innocently delivers clues about him that help the witness to provide relevant comments; he is even ready to interpret positively all the discordant answers.

The effect of the “learned horse”

Many seers rely on their client’s body language and interpret their facial expressions to make sure they are on the right track. This principle takes its name from this fair horse apparently able to solve additions and multiplications by typing the answer with his hooves, but who was content to respond to the discreet injunctions of his master (he nodded to each hoof stroke and frowned to indicate to the jovial equine the number not to be exceeded).

Selective memory

Many studies show that when leaving a consultation, we first remember what was right. Unless there is a terrible mistake, all that is false is rejected in the depths of memory and soon forgotten.

This impressive collection of human weaknesses facilitates the work of the seers. That does not mean that most of them are charlatans. They generally practice “humanistic” astrology and view their art as a framework through which patients can examine their personalities and lives.

In 1982, psychology professor D. Lester conducted a study of the practices of the visionaries in the United States and concluded that they often offer the same benefits as therapy: listening, counseling, support, strengthening self-esteem and better reaction to daily difficulties … often for a lower price, and without the trauma associated with the therapy. What to lift your nose in the stars.

The double choice

The clairvoyant who “erred” in her predictions will affirm to justify herself that she had thought the opposite but that she had voluntarily you so as not to further destabilize the person. What happened in the end was a test for the “good” of the person, that it was a mandatory test to pass and that the “prediction”.

The fear of the future

Unemployment, crisis, violence, emotional loneliness, etc., form the bed of a social malaise that drives many to seek help and comfort from the seers.

In fact, the seer knows in advance that the person consulting him necessarily has a “problem”.

In this the person who consults is all the more vulnerable as she is afraid of the future.

On the most fearful minds, the dishonest seer knows that she can by fear convince of a pattern of life to follow. We then left the domain of prediction. The clairvoyant becomes a form of guide to be followed blindly, the only light that can guide the person on the right path. What she says becomes injunctions. Fragile people will rethink and give more credit because it is under the influence of fear.

By interpreting an experience, the seer gives meaning to the events of the patient. This one is in a state of submission that makes it more permeable to suggestion.

The way to make predictions or revelations is very important. For example: “beware of trains, I see an accident” may distress the customer, give him a real phobia trains …

The clairvoyance by phone

The clairvoyance service by phone type “audiotel”, are already real money pumps

We always start by giving our card number when it is not a question of surcharged numbers.

These companies use deceptive methods as to the so-called “gifts” of their assigned seers.

– They are often temporary workers or students a little “chatty” with little education without any real gift.

A “clairvoyant” audiotel is paid 6 dollar per hour and generally earns 25% of the turnover on the bank card. There is a very high turnover on these posts.

-The clear purpose of the companies to their switchboard operators is to keep the “pigeon” as long as possible to run the cost of the blue card counter. Clairvoyance is often a simple “assisted discussion” for people suffering from solicitations who unfortunately often suffer from financial distress, which does not prevent this scrupulous society from sometimes extracting hundreds of euros per month.

-At this you must add the bill of telephone sometimes consistent knowing that they put people on hold to listen to the current clairvoyance (a height of discretion anyway and that pushes to “play the game” because we know that is listened to by others) The wait can sometimes last half an hour for a famous “free question” without being able to reach them (in the evening), time at the end of which France Telecom cuts the communication.

-These companies are organized in networks and put their advertisements in magazines sometimes under several names.

They use an intelligence database that is carefully entered into the computer even while the client is in communication. For this reason, they systematically ask for the date of birth and the name in order to find them in the database. The poor guy who calls several times and falls on several different seers is persuaded to find a proof of authenticity in the details provided to him when in reality the “seers” only read what is on the screen by reminding him of several details that he himself had mentioned before. But he will not be suspicious because it is persecuted to deal with several seers who see “the same thing”.

The computer is also used as a direct medium of clairvoyance through software with automatic sentences to respond to the client.

-Inopportune breaks sometimes occur when the indicator is in trouble it “cut” as if by magic (because the conversations are listened to by the “big boss”) leaving the customer sheepishly faces his problem.

Conclusion: In spite of appearance, this study was not intended to claim that the phenomenon of extra-sensory perception of the future does not exist. Yet we must be clear: when a person consults a “general public”, it is estimated that it has at least 9 chances in 10 to be ripped off … More the light in add and more you have to mediate. The practice of clairvoyance is an art and in no way constitutes an exact science. It has never existed, it does not exist, and there will never be one hundred per cent reliable prediction. A seer can never ensure an effective realization of the events planned in clairvoyance.