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How The Tarots Cards Should Be Used and Why

Since tarot cards are such a powerful and flexible magic tool, they deserve special attention. Reading tarot cards is both an art and a science. Tarot card reading is a science, because magic is a science of precision, therefore all procedures must be duplicated and ensure reliable results. At the same time, tarot card reading is an art form that requires and contributes to the development of intuitive and mental abilities. This article will cover all the basics of tarot card reading.

The first thing most people want to know is the value for tarot cards. Since there are so many Tarot decks (or layouts and interpretation of the card), assigning a specific value to tarot cards on all decks is completely impossible. However, it is possible to build strong working relationships with certain decks of cards so that the meaning of the tarot cards in the deck used is very clear. The more a person works with a particular deck, the stronger will be the connection with it. And the more accurate will be the divination. In addition, the more workouts, the more guessing will be able to intuitively understand the value of tarot cards, regardless of the deck.

A brief history of tarot cards and decks

The main symbols and concepts found in the Tarot go back thousands of years. For example, in the early Christian church around 600 AD priests had few notes with photos on them. Gypsies also used similar cards. On the old emerald tablets in Egypt were also photos of plates and disks. These concepts are very old, but they underlie the modern meanings of tarot cards.

The word tarot is a disguised word. It was originally written “Rota”, which means “wheel”, because it represents a phenomenal experience, a wheel of life. Tarot is used as a living form that is tied to an existing universe. In essence, Tarot is a simulator of the Universe. For the tarot card readings this is important.

Using tarot cards and decks

Before the advent of more modern decks, which were updated by the Order of the Golden Dawn, the Tarot cards were used mainly for predictions. Divination is the art of access. Gypsies and Egyptians used tarot primarily for predictions, and many modern Gypsies continue to use their own unique decks for such purposes.

However, when the Order of the Golden Dawn was updated and modernized, tarot cards, they gave magical meaning, they wanted to be able to use tarot cards for magical purposes. Three main types of tarot cards:

  • Direct divination
  • Work with spells (these decks are specially designed for spells)
  • Work on the Tree of Life

Choosing a deck for beginners Tarot

For beginners, it is proposed to start with the Waiter-Rider deck, which is generally recognized as the simplest deck with which novice magicians can work.

The people who created the modern Tarot, all of whom were members of the Order of the Golden Dawn, developed the Waite-Ryder and Tarot Tho decks.

Magical use of tarot

Since tarot cards are magical tools, they must be locked away from others. In this case, the cards are associated not only with the personal energy of their master, but also with the Universe as a whole.

Owning cards exclusively to their owner is what allows tarot spells to work. Since maps are actually related to physical things in the Universe, when a guessing person changes or rearranges tarot cards, he also changes or rearranges things in the physical universe.

Using a tarif card in the Tarot

A signifier is a card that stands for someone or something. The signifier in the tarot reading raises a question that needs to be answered. Tarot reading is associated with specific questions.

Most people at the moment do not use a signature card. This leads to readings that are less accurate and less effective. The use of the significator ensures that the reading will be specific about the person or object that the fortune-teller wishes to learn about.

Tarot cards

There are so many different tarot layouts and it can be difficult to decide which one is better to use. There are 2 layouts of tarot cards, which are the most effective and convenient:

  • Celtic cross;
  • 12 cards.

The Celtic Cross, also called the Gnostic Cross, is a type of tarot reading that gives you a description of a person’s personality. This type of reading is useful for people, animals or any kind of animate creatures, but not for situations. The Celtic Cross does not answer specific questions about situations, but is a quick and easy way to get information about a person.

Unlike the Celtic cross, which can only offer personality characteristics, the 12-card layout is suitable for reading people, situations, business, financial issues, relationships, and other situations involving several people. While the Celtic cross is a snapshot of a still image of a person, the 12-map is a moving picture that shows the past, present, and future. This allows you to more effectively track causal relationships.

Getting Started – Tarot for beginners

There are so many Tarot decks around (and books that teach how to use these decks) that it can be difficult to know which values ​​apply to tarot cards. So many “gurus” give conflicting meanings that you should still use?

Although there are many books that give you the meaning of tarot cards, one of the best and most personal ways to learn how to determine the meaning of cards is to study them yourself. The maps have been designed with symbols and images that reflect the expressed concept.

For example, in the Waiter-Ryder deck, the Four of Swords depicts a man lying on a pier with a sword in horizontal position. The meaning of the card is “to bury the hatchet” or to allow past conflicts to come to a solution or to rest. A person literally relies on a sword (swords are an element of fire that includes conflicts or battles) – he relies on old problems and allows himself to rest about them.

A great way to learn the meaning of Tarot cards is to take one card a day, to understand the meaning intuitively, and then look for examples of this meaning or concept in everyday life. Here is a quick guide to help with elements and their meanings:

  • Wands (Air) – Ideas, communication, thoughts, enlightenment, concepts
  • Swords (Fire) – Strength, motivation, action, strength, conflict
  • Cups (Water) – Emotions, feeling, compassion, the language of the Spirit.
  • Disks or Plate (Earth) – Manifestation, physical expression in the world, physical creation.

Anyone can learn the art of reading tarot cards – it is not difficult. Like any art or science, it simply requires practice and a strong desire to learn. One easy way to start learning about tarot is to get a tarot course in an esoteric school that will teach you everything that is described in this article, including the art of reading tarot cards, tarot cards and their meanings.

Tips for Newbies

Start small. The whole deck starts with the first card. If you are just starting to learn Tarot: pull out one card each day and write down your thoughts and feelings. Then check with the events of the day. Make analogies. Give yourself more time!

Start with a simple layout, where each position is registered. Then complicate the task. Make free hands, where there are no clearly defined positions – it really trains your abilities.

You can perceive the alignment of cards as a whole a little later than the perception of the values ​​of each card separately. But it will happen. Otherwise, you still could not read my text, because your ability to read once began with the first letter A. 🙂

Each card has a household, astrological, numerological, kabalistic, and all … ical meaning. And plus sacred value. Comprehend all this in the system. But first, fix your personal meaning for each card. Write a sign for each card. In it you will look less and less, as the study of maps.

The same card may be different in different cases. Take a card and imagine what it would mean in the case of a negative, in the case of a positive, what it would mean in a love scenario, and in a business scenario, in connection with health. Then check the recorded assumptions and connect with the practice.

There are no perfect tarot masters! It attracts and motivates to strive for more on the Tarot

The tarot system is a skilful art. Once you start practicing on the tarot – you can never stop, even if you take long breaks and put the deck for a while in a quiet place. This is akin to how you once learned to ride a bike or a car – you never forget how to hold the steering wheel, you never forget how to understand tarot – and that’s fine!

Tarot Card – Online Psychic

A tarot card us a playing card deemed to possess powerful and flexible magic. Regarded as a science the act pf tarot card readings is revered highly since it helps individuals learn fate awaits them.

Readers help individuals learn what they need to do to improve their relationships, careers, health, and financial status. As a blend of both science and arts, tarot card readers tap into their intuition to reveal the meaning of the symbols, images, and text shown in the tarot cards that they pull.

For instance, when seeking to know if the person you’re with is your soulmate, the reader will shuffle a deck of 78 cards, and pull three from the pack. The symbols, images, and text that appear on the chosen cards will let you know if your soulmate is around or you will meet them in the future.

When looking for advice about your career, the reader may pull similar cards, but they will have a different meaning. Tarot card reading is a sacred service undertaken by dedicated, experienced, and gifted persons.

These individuals connect with the spiritual world to reveal accurate information. Thanks to the advancement in technology, you can get tarot card readings through affordable phone, email, text, and live chat sessions.